Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week In My Life...the weekend

Are you a scatter brain lately? Because my goodness, I am. I can't figure out which end is up and have a billion things going on at once! But, I guess 'tis the season right? Always seems like we're in overdrive and moving in fast forward this time of year!

Anyway, I'm starting Week In My Life nearly an entire week later than I had wanted to. This is what happens when you go away for Thanksgiving, have a weekend jam packed with awesome, and don't sit down to do anything at the computer until nearly 9 o'clock at night. Oh well. It was all worth it.

My photos...

Saturday started off uneventful enough. Games on the iPad, a cup of coffee gone way too soon, and the gym.

Saturdays are not typically a workout day for me. Usually if I go on the weekend I'll go on Sunday mornings. But I knew there was no way that was going to happen this weekend. So even though I was not feeling it at all, I pushed through and got my lazy butt to the gym. It felt good after.
Dizzy, our Elf on the Shelf is back and this year he has a whole new house to explore! I'm sure he'll end up in some way more creative spots than on top of the grandfather clock. But when he doesn't move until 2:30 in the morning...when mommy woke up and realized she forgot to move him...well. Yeah.

This little Bose speaker is amazing and I got it for FREE for turning in my phone at Verizon when I upgraded. It hooks up with my phone through bluetooth and it is portable. I bring it all over the house and I love it. Puzzles, monkey carnage on the floor and Caliou rounds out our uneventful Saturday day time.

 Saturday night? Amazing.

Dinner at Aspire Restaurant, which is located in the Hotel Providence. Fancy drinks that The Coach and I never drink - beer or wine drinkers - but we were feeling the mixed drinks Saturday night. I had the Phantom of the Opera martini (of course) and he had a Coffee & Nutini. Which was yummier than mine.

Then off to the Providence Performing Arts Center for Phantom of the Opera. Seriously? Amazing. If it is coming to your city GO.SEE.IT. Amazing. Loved every single second of this night.

Sunday! Christmas decorating day!!!! This is my little tree which is in the sun room of my parents' house. It makes the room so cozy and inviting now. I can already tell that I'll be sitting out there every night this month basking in the glow of the tree. Don't worry, the room is heated.

Also, what makes you think I'm obsessed with Disney ornaments? Totally am not (totally am).

And that isn't even all of them. I have two more that I need to get ASAP to add.

Well then more excitement. That's the little man doing puzzles. He is pretty talented at doing puzzles. The little puzzles you see here are hand me downs from his cousins. Before Sunday morning, he had never seen them. Yet, he finished all 4 in about 15 minutes or so.

He amazes me every day.

Then, setting up a new printer.

And our bath, books, snuggles, bedtime ritual.

Thoughts on the weekend:

Perhaps I should try to remember that I'm actually doing this project. That would be a great place to start. There are a ton more pictures I could have taken, but considering I forgot about Week In My Life at least half the time, I'll take it.

I need to perfect my photo taking with the iPhone. Since I don't even know where my camera is, the iPhone is my primary camera. Perhaps I should do some editing before I post them.

Perhaps I should just settle down and enjoy the process.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Definitely just settle down and enjoy the process. A quick auto adjust and watermark on picmonkey is all ya need ;-) sounds like a fab weekend!!!!!