Friday, August 29, 2014

#runDisney training...yes...I'm still here!


After the Bobby Doyle 5 miler, the following Saturday was another long run. 6.5 miles. The farthest I've ever gone.

I carried a small water bottle in order to stay hydrated, something that I found to be an issue in the 5 miler. That definitely helped. 

I also upped my run/walk intervals from 30/45 seconds to 1/1 minutes. While I was able to run through most of the run intervals, I had to take some longer walk breaks a few times and by the end I didn't feel strong. The shorter intervals definitely work better for me.

After that run, however, I had some nasty pain, and I took over a week off. The pain in my ankles was debilitating at times. I did lots of R.I.C.E. the following week, and just took it easy. 

On Tuesday, I went out for my 30 minute run, and still had pain. Yes, I'm still under the required Wine & Dine Half Marathon pace, but I'm not happy and I didn't feel good. After doing some research, I think I know what is going on, and am going to try some new strategies to help alleviate the pain. The good thing about this week, is that the pain has not lingered, so I'm not concerned about going out running Saturday morning for my scheduled long run.

Which is 8 miles.


I've learned so much about myself and my abilities through my training. And after tomorrow's long run, I will share them with you. 

As long as I finish in the upright position...

Friday, August 15, 2014

#runDisney official training - training runs and the Bobby Doyle 5 Mile Summer Classic

Since the beginning of August, my training has been sort of wacky.

The first week of August, I was off from work. I did one training run which was horrible and I honestly shouldn't have done. But I went out and did it and it got done.

Last weekend, I ran the Bobby Doyle 5 Mile Summer Classic in Narragansett, RI.

I was very nervous. Everyone around me was definitely a MUCH more seasoned runner than I was. But I reminded myself that I wasn't there to run against anyone. I wasn't there to compete with anyone. I was there to run my 5 mile training run in a beautiful and fun environment, and keep pushing forward in my training.

I finished and I got that amazingly awesome medal. And I finished with an amazingly awesome time. But wow, was it HARD.

It was a warm day, but not majorly humid, which was amazing. We've been really lucky up here in Rhode Island lately, because the weather has been AMAZING. But what made this whole race so difficult for me were the hills and the sun.

The course was very hilly. I've only done one hill training run, and typically I'm on the flat East Bay Bike Path. So I was totally not used to the hills. So that was tough, and definitely caused some pain in my calves and shins. Then there were quite a few long stretches of being in the straight sun. Which again, I'm not used to as the bike path is fairly well shaded in most spots.

Oh, and lets not forget I was also battling a bit of a cold.

But I pushed myself. I challenged myself. I listened to my body if I needed to and walked through run intervals as necessary. I wanted to make sure that I didn't push myself too hard, didn't hurt myself, didn't sideline myself.

And I did exactly that. After the race, I made sure I took care of myself. Iced, foam rolled, and made sure my muscles were well.

I am very proud of that race. I haven't run since, due to a few circumstances out of my control, but I have felt good since. And tomorrow morning, I'll be getting out there for another longest run ever...6.5 miles.

Are you training for a race? How's it going?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Official #runDisney training - Days 7,8,9

Top two pictures are runs 7 and 8. Those runs were horrible. There was pain, there were tears of frustration, there were thoughts of, "I can't do this. Why am I even trying." Bad.

So I took a few days off. I rested. I stretched. I foam rolled. And this morning, in the rain, I hit the pavement determined. Determined to do the scheduled 4 mile long run no matter how long it took. No matter how much I had to walk it. Determined.

I wore my compression sleeves today, hoping maybe that would help with the pain. Maybe they would provide some relief and much needed support. And they totally did.

I felt so strong on this run. I concentrated on pacing my run intervals so I didn't push too hard or go too fast. I concentrated on feeling as strong in the last mile as I did in the first. Concentrated on breathing and posture. And I felt like all that concentration paid off. 

I truly felt amazing. Running in the rain is awesome, almost cleansing. Yesterday (Friday, August 1) was not a good day despite the fact it was a day of new beginnings and of moving on to bigger and better things. I woke up angry, I felt angry and crushed and discouraged all day. But this morning, in the rain, that all washed away.

My run intervals went by so quickly on this run, that I think next week I can up them a bit and go a little longer. I felt strong and never labored. I had some pain, but it always worked itself out on my walk intervals and as of right now, it isn't lingering.

This run came at a time when I needed it most. When I was getting discouraged and sad and down on myself. When I was filling my head with a lot of negative self talk and intrusive thoughts. This run showed me I can do this. I am strong. And I will finish that half marathon in November.

Is running like therapy for you? Because it feels like it is becoming that for me! 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Official #runDisney training - Day 6

So this was a nightmare.

Thursday as my first run since the 5k on Sunday. I skipped Tuesday because my legs were still sore, and I figured giving myself a couple extra days to recover wouldn't be so bad.

Benjamin and I headed out after dinner on Thursday, and from the get go, things were bad.

I had horrible pain on both legs, on the inside of my calves. I've never had pain there before, so I was very frustrated. I ran when I could, but mostly walked. The pain was consistent and so bad, I absolutely had to turn around early and cut this 30 minute run short.

I'm really hoping that I didn't push myself too hard in the 5k and set myself back, or injure myself in any way. Since getting back home on Thursday, I've been icing and stretching and foam rolling and really focusing on recovering my muscles. They are feeling a lot better, so I'm hoping that by the time Saturday morning and my 4 mile long run rolls around, I'll be feeling good and will be back on track.

This has definitely been a learning experience though. A few things I've learned from this prolonged pain:

1. Stretch, stretch, stretch!!! The beer fest after the 5K on Sunday was fun, but I didn't take the time to stretch before I went to it. After the beer fest, I had a birthday party to go to. So by the time I got home, and got Benjamin in bed, I went to bed myself. And never stretched. Never iced. Never foam or stick rolled. I'm convinced this is a major factor in why I'm still in some pain 4 days later.

2. Pace myself. Pushing myself in the 5k felt amazing. But I think I pushed myself too far, and I'm paying for it days later.

3. Not every run will be awesome. Sometimes I will blow my own mind. Sometimes, things will just suck. I get discouraged very easily, and have to remember that this is a long term goal, and will take time. I'm going to have stumbling blocks, I'm going to have set backs, and there's going to be days where I just don't want to do it. But I have to keep going, and remind myself I CAN do this.

So those are my big lessons this week. What have you learned about yourself as you've trained, or as you have started something new - even something non-running related?