Friday, October 3, 2014

Reach Complete keep the Germ Monster away from Mommy's teeth!

**I was provided with 6 Reach Complete Care brushes for my review. All opinions are my own.**

As my son gets older, and had his first dentist appointment over the summer, I have been teaching him about the importance of brushing his teeth at least 3 times a day, the right way to brush his teeth, and why it is so important to take care of his little teeth.

When we started really making this ritual important, my son would often ask me why we had to brush his teeth. My standard answer of, "to help your teeth stay healthy" stopped working after a while and finally I said...

"To keep the Germ Monster away!!!"

So now every time we brush teeth, we have in depth conversations about the Germ Monster, what he could do to our teeth, and why we have to make sure he stays away!

So of course, I have to set a great example for my little boy. I brush and floss my teeth and let him watch me. I let him ask questions, and every time I get a new toothbrush, he wants to check it out. Because he notices when I get a new toothbrush.

So when I opened my new Reach Complete Care Triple Angle Pro, he watched me use it for the first time. This was my review to him:

"Wow Benjamin! This toothbrush is really cleaning my teeth!"

"The bristles are brushing that Germ Monster right out of my mouth!"

"Look, do my teeth look super clean? I'll make my teeth like a dinosaur so you can see."

Then, he inspected my teeth and said, "Wow Mommy! The Germ Monster is gone!"

I think he approved. And so do I. I love this toothbrush, and probably wouldn't have tried it if I hadn't gotten the chance to check it out. I've been loyal to another brand for years, but this made me a new brand lover.

Reach Complete Care totally gives me that "complete mouth clean."

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Mommy Track...

I came across an interesting article last night via Huffington Post from Time.

There's Nothing Wrong With the Mommy Track

Before last night, I had never even heard of the Mommy Track. If you had mentioned it to me a week ago, I would have looked at you like you were nuts and said, "WTF is that?"

After reading the article, I realized that I am totally on "the mommy track."

When I started my career in higher education administration, I really didn't have big plans. Mainly because I didn't really see it as a long term career. I still had dreams of working in the sports industry in some capacity, although I really had no idea what or how I would get into it.

However, as time marched on, it became obvious that higher education, and specifically financial aid administration, was my calling. I embraced it, started to work even harder to become an expert and really good at what I did. I researched graduate programs, and enrolled. I learned that I love what I do, and realized that I want to keep doing this for a long, long time.

About half way through my graduate program, I even started researching Ed.D. programs.

For one of my classes, I was tasked with writing my obituary (so morbid, right?), and wrote about being a Vice President of a major southern university. I had dreams and visions of continuing to climb the ladder, move up professionally, and make it to VP level before I hit 40.

Then, I became a mother.

I'm going to pause right here and say, I still have dreams and goals. I still bust my butt every day, and do the best job I can do. I still bend over backwards to help people as much as I can, and I still want to progress in my career and eventually take on managing a full team and department.

But not right now.

No. Right now, I love having a job where I can come in, do my job, feel very little stress, and at the end of the day, go home to enjoy my time with my son. I love not having to take work home with me, or check emails on the weekends. I love that I can leave the office at the office, and not feel like I have to do anything from home.

Right now, my career is on the Mommy Track.

And I'm ok with that.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm a #FitFlutential Ambassador!

FitFluential Is Fitness Found

I am so excited to announce being selected as a FitFluential Ambassador!

You are probably thinking..."Seriously?"

To which I would say, "Yep. Seriously."

I wanted to be considered for this honor because I'm working hard to live a fitter, healthier more active life. I'm a single mother. I have 2349328940325305 excuses I could give to not try, not find the time, not make it work. However, I'm not doing anyone any favors by using those excuses and not living my fittest life possible. I wanted to be a part of this ambassador program to show that even a single, working full time mom, who is at least 60 lbs over weight can GET. IT. DONE.

I'm using this as a swift kick in the ass.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see that I've started #eatittweetit. So in addition to sharing all of my meals with my awesome nutritionist Crystal on Rise, I'll be sharing them with basically anyone who wants to see them on IG.

I'm going to bring back my #3dailygoals on there.

I'm going to start kickboxing on Monday nights with my friend Jane, from MomGenerations.

I'm going to start going to bikram yoga on Tuesday nights, hopefully on a regular basis with my friend Kirsten from The Queen of the Earth.

I'm going to stick to my gym schedule.

I'm going to finish out my half marathon training schedule and kick as much ass as I can in that race.

I'm going to GET. IT. DONE.

Tag along.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sorry...Not Sorry...#runDisney training and race popularity

 So I switched around my training schedule a bit. A week ago, I did a 3 mile run, and this past weekend...I was supposed to do an 8 miler.

First the good, last weekend's 3 mile run.

I pushed things hard in lap 2 to do a Magic Mile, which is supposed to predict pace on race day.

I'm pretty content with the fact that this just seems to be my pace. I've only just started running a few months back, and I've definitely improved. I also know that on actual race days, I push harder, have the momentum of the race behind me, and typically run about 10 seconds faster than my fastest lap. So, I'll take it.

Over the course of the week I did two other short runs that went ok. I don't have pace for them though because both times I forgot my Garmin at home. According to my Jeff Galloway training app, however, the pace was about par for the course and the same.

Then there was this. My 8 mile run...that really was only Because I split this up into two runs.

First of all, I used KT Tape for the first time on this run, and I'm a believer. The posterior shin splint application definitely helped with the pain I've been having in my legs on my inner calves, and it was awesome. So when I headed out Sunday morning, I was very confident in how my run would go. And then, it was as if my left leg said, "Oh, well if I can't hurt you on the inside of your calf, I'll just hurt you on the outside of your calf. A lot!!!"

I've had pain on the outside of my left calf before, and I've always been able to work through it. But this time, the pain was so bad, and given I was under the gun for time, I had to cut things short.

Looking at my laps of the first run, however, I have some theories about how I felt and the pain.

When I turned around, defeated, I had a Gatorade energy chew and chugged some water. I walked a few intervals in a row, and then ran the rest. I felt stronger, and the pain in my leg definitely seemed less painful. So, I spent the rest of my morning hydrating with water and gatorade, and when Benjamin went down for a nap in the afternoon, I headed back out.

My legs felt great! I felt strong! It was awesome!

Until my feet swelled to the point where my toes were tingling and my right big toenail was digging into my shoe, and hurt so bad, I had to actually call my father to come pick me up. And when I got home, the first thing I did was cut my toenails (TMI? sorry.)

I wasn't going to risk losing a toenail, or hurting myself, for a training run. But now I'm I need bigger sneakers? I just bought the shoes I have. They weren't inexpensive. But if my feet are swelling this much, to the point where my feet are tingling and painful, clearly something needs to be done.

I'm not going to let my frustration slow me down though, I'm going to keep going. I AM going to finish the Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November.

Which brings me to the growing popularity of runDisney races.

I don't really consider myself a runner (yet), but anyone that knows me knows that I love, love, love Walt Disney World. It is my favorite place on earth, by far. And running a half marathon is a bucket list item for me. So, why wouldn't I combine my love of Walt Disney World with my goal of running a half, and run a race in Disney and use it as motivation to reach my goal?

This morning, in a group on Facebook, someone posted about how 2 years ago today, the 2013 Walt Disney World marathon sold out, only a few months before the race. And how that was "the good ole days." Several seasoned runners commented, stating how it is so sad that now, if someone wants to run a Disney race, they need to register the day registration opens, or else risk missing out due to the races selling out so fast.

Other comments ranged from the races now getting out of control, that people shouldn't have to plan things so far in advance if they want to run a race, and (my personal favorite) the fact that people who just love Disney and can't run to save their lives are ruining it for real runners.

And I have a few things to say about that...

I'm sorry (not sorry) that my love of Disney is what is motivating me to follow through on a goal I have had for over 10 years, instead of just giving up and saying "I can't do this."

I'm sorry (not sorry) that I'm slow, and "run" at run/walk/run intervals, and that I only average a 15 minute mile.

I'm sorry (not sorry) that I am only now learning about running etiquette.

I'm sorry (not sorry) that I've only been running for a few months, and didn't start training until I actually registered.

I'm sorry (not sorry) that you may have to weave around me when I'm walking.

I'm sorry (not sorry) that I'm too excited about running through Walt Disney World to care too much about my pace, as long as I don't get swept and I finish.

And I'm sorry ( NOT sorry) that I may have taken a spot that maybe "should" have been for a "real" runner.

I think it is sad that people are upset that more and more people are interested in runDisney races. I read over and over again that runners are supportive of one another, that the running community is amazing. But then I see comments like this, and it is disappointing. It isn't very supportive, and it is, to be honest, hurtful.

What do you think about people who are slower, or faster, than you? Do you support no matter what?